Definition of hymnic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhimnik/


See hymn

‘There are also quieter passages - some dark, like ‘Off To The Mill,’ and others, like ‘Cocoon,’ featuring a more hymnic quality.’
  • ‘In 1970 a new communion liturgy with four musical settings (contemporary, hymnic, chant, and folk) was published as CW - 2.’
  • ‘The 1965 resolution of the LCMS convention clearly envisioned liturgical and hymnic materials ‘under a single cover.’’
  • ‘Perhaps if the heroic hymnic patriotism had been proposed, the sarcastic young firebrand of the piano concerto (etc.) would have jibbed.’
  • ‘The author undertakes an evaluation and classification of those texts in First Testament Wisdom Literature which personify Wisdom in hymnic fashion.’