Definition of hypallage in English:


Pronunciation /hīˈpaləjē/ /haɪˈpælədʒi/ /hiˈpaləjē/ /hɪˈpælədʒi/


  • A transposition of the natural relations of two elements in a proposition, for example in the sentence “Melissa shook her doubtful curls.”.

    ‘Hyphens and adverbs partake of this concatenation of the style that ends up creating hypallages.’
    • ‘Just as in Debussy's Preludes, these epigraphs are also metaphors, hypallages and paradigms that can be interpreted ad libitum.’
    • ‘It is easier to give examples than to explain hypallage.’
    • ‘The English index covers topics and authors; as a sample I give four consecutive entries: hunting, Hyginus, hymn-language and hypallage.’
    • ‘I've also left out extremely rare or poetic devices (like hypallage) and terms referring to common linguistic errors (like anacoluthon).’


Late 16th century via late Latin from Greek hupallagē, from hupo ‘under’ + allassein ‘to exchange’.