Definition of hyperbolize in English:


(British hyperbolise)

Pronunciation /hīˈpərbəˌlīz/ /haɪˈpərbəˌlaɪz/

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Represent something as being larger, better, or worse than it really is; exaggerate.

    ‘victims are prone to hyperbolize and invent details that just aren't there’
    • ‘his wife had somewhat hyperbolized his claim’
    • ‘We needn't hyperbolize it by adding 65 feet to the distance.’
    • ‘Tellers of good tales rather tend to hyperbolize the details in order to make the story just a bit better.’
    • ‘The victims tend to hyperbolize and to freely edit what has taken place.’
    • ‘There's so much about this movie that people tend to hyperbolize.’
    • ‘His mercurial career has already produced a scrapbook full of lasting images, not all of them pretty, many of which seem only to hyperbolize his brilliance, his audaciousness, his childishness.’
    • ‘Next down, we find a layer of eager believers, who will hyperbolize freely and righteously to maintain the fictions that they cherish.’
    • ‘The left has to realize that it doesn't have to hyperbolize its arguments to win this debate.’
    • ‘The general interpretation of that research, though understandably hyperbolized by the media, is that evidence may have been produced to show that some persons have the ability to communicate with the spirits of deceased persons.’
    • ‘The United States hyperbolized its own epidemic and waged multiple aggressive educational campaigns.’
    • ‘A plethora of unfounded health scare stories warned us of exaggerated or mythical risks, often based on brief, hyperbolized or misinterpreted medical research.’
    • ‘To hyperbolise a little, is the coffee house really being reborn as a staging ground for a new form of civility?’
    • ‘Not to hyperbolise the experience, but consuming that little whip of white cloud from a red plastic spoon is one of those transportative moments where you forget, or just don't care, how difficult life can be.’
    overstate, overemphasize, overstress, overestimate, overvalue, magnify, amplify, aggrandize, inflate