Definition of hyperconscious in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhīpərˈkänSHəs/ /ˌhaɪpərˈkɑnʃəs/


  • Acutely or excessively aware of something.

    ‘placing so much emphasis on willpower as to become hyperconscious, if not sometimes even inhibited’
    • ‘I like to think if the galaxy is a conscious being then it would be self aware, as I'm thinking of it as a hyperconscious being.’
    • ‘Now, the curved screen seems insanely bulbous, and I'm hyperconscious of the high-pitched sound it emits.’
    • ‘The theoretical framework takes from this disturbed mode of comportment a hyperconscious subjectivity.’
    • ‘It uses some of the devises of dream, like multiple personality and tiers of meaning, but its procedures are hyperconscious.’
    • ‘There is no way to train as a dancer and not be hyperconscious of the way you look, the proportions of your body, and the quality of your movement.’