Definition of hypercorrection in English:



mass noun
  • The use of an erroneous word form or pronunciation based on a false analogy with a correct or prestigious form, such as the use of I instead of me as a grammatical object (as in he invited my husband and I to lunch).

    • ‘It's interesting that everyone, prescriptivists and anti-prescriptivists alike, seems to think that hypercorrection is wrong, morally as well as logically.’
    • ‘It's clearly not hypercorrection, since the move is away from a more standard variant.’
    • ‘Haeri argues that this is a result of hypercorrection.’
    • ‘Presaging modern spellchecker-generated errors, someone at the Times apparently committed an editorial hypercorrection.’
    • ‘Committing such a hypercorrection in an anti-elitist discourse subverts the argument.’