Definition of hyperemia in English:


(British hyperaemia)

Pronunciation /ˌhīpəˈrēmēə/ /ˌhaɪpəˈrimiə/


  • An excess of blood in the vessels supplying an organ or other part of the body.

    ‘The physician thoroughly examines the esophagus for signs of inflammation, hyperemia, ulcerations, or strictures.’
    • ‘However, in a pilot study, the instrument successfully measured reactive hyperemia following pressure in healthy volunteers.’
    • ‘Heat should not be applied to an acutely injured ankle joint because it encourages swelling and inflammation through hyperemia.’
    • ‘The reduced average skin blood perfusion is attributable to blunting of hyperemia when relief pressure is too high.’
    • ‘In this case there was hyperaemia due to the antibiotic reaction.’


Mid 19th century from hyper-‘above normal’ + -emia.