Definition of hyperfocal distance in English:

hyperfocal distance

Pronunciation /ˌhīpərˌfōkəl ˈdistəns/ /ˌhaɪpərˌfoʊkəl ˈdɪstəns/


  • The distance between a camera lens and the closest object which is in focus when the lens is focused at infinity.

    ‘These situations call for quick judgment, and the hyperfocal distance is not always the best option.’
    • ‘The resulting depth of field starts from halfway of the hyperfocal distance and extends to infinity.’
    • ‘A more common use of the hyperfocal distance is maximizing the depth of field for a given aperture.’
    • ‘If the hyperfocal distance is more than 30 feet, you probably won't find a setting on your lens.’
    • ‘The first table contains computed hyperfocal distances for certain focal lengths and apertures.’