Definition of hypesthesia in English:


(British hypaesthesia)

Pronunciation /ˌhipəsˈTHēZHēə/ /ˌhɪpəsˈθiʒiə/ /ˌhīpəsˈTHēZH(ē)ə/ /ˌhaɪpəsˈθiʒ(i)ə/


  • A diminished capacity for physical sensation, especially of the skin.

    ‘Individuals with autonomic neuropathy also may experience paresthesia, allodynia and hypesthesia.’
    • ‘Typical symptoms are pain, paresthesia, hypesthesia, or numbness in the median nerve distribution of the hand.’
    • ‘Axillary nerve injury is most common and is associated with decreased active contraction of the deltoid muscle and hypesthesia over deltoid.’


Late 19th century from hypo-‘below’ + Greek aisthēsis ‘sensation’.