Definition of hypolimnion in English:



  • The lower layer of water in a stratified lake, typically cooler than the water above and relatively stagnant.

    • ‘MeHg accumulated in the hypolimnion of Lake 240 when oxygen was present.’
    • ‘The mean acoustic size of rising bubbles decreased in the hypolimnion but increased in the epilimnion.’
    • ‘Both ponds are dystrophic, surrounded by extensive mats of Sphagnum, and stratified in summer with anoxic hypolimnia.’
    • ‘These lakes have permanent thermoclines, small littoral zones, and deep hypolimnia.’
    • ‘For the higher concentrations of nitrate and oxygen in the hypolimnion during weeks 15 to 25, another mechanism might be efficacious.’


Early 20th century from hypo-‘below’ + Greek limnion (diminutive of limnē ‘lake’).