Definition of hypostatic union in English:

hypostatic union


  • The combination of divine and human natures in the single person of Christ.

    • ‘Third, in addition to this it is certain and manifest that there is something which results from and follows the hypostatic union of Christ's natures.’
    • ‘With great intellectual sophistication, he defended the hypostatic union of the two natures, human and divine, in Christ.’
    • ‘Whatever vein of speculation one chooses to mine, it is clear: his maleness is somehow a key to the hypostatic union.’
    • ‘He is speaking, to put it bluntly, as if he lacked a proper account of the hypostatic union.’
    • ‘The Totality of Real Presence therefore means not just the body and blood but the divinity and soul of Jesus, by virtue of hypostatic union.’