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mass noun

mass noun
  • 1Exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement.

    ‘mass hysteria erupts as the people crowd in to view the race’
    • ‘it was a scene of absolute hysteria’
    • ‘there was all sorts of hysteria about various Wi-Fi issues’
    frenzy, wildness, feverishness, irrationality
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  • 2An old-fashioned term for a disorder characterized by neurological symptoms often accompanied by exaggeratedly or inappropriately emotional behavior, originally attributed to disease or injury of the nervous system and later thought to be functional or psychological in origin.



/həˈsterēə/ /həˈstɛriə/ /həˈstirēə/ /həˈstɪriə/


Early 19th century from Latin hystericus (see hysteric).