Definition of I'm afraid in English:

I'm afraid


  • with clause Used to express polite or formal apology or regret.

    ‘I'm afraid I don't understand’
    • ‘I know I should start to share the comings and goings of the trip but I need to take another day off, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘This non-stop preoccupation with health matters is terribly boring, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘Sparkling wit and scintillating conversation are not likely to be my forté today, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘This might do in the infants, but I'm afraid by the sixth form we expect something a little more sophisticated.’
    • ‘There doesn't seem to be much joined up thinking on the matter, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘It'll have to be a new one, I'm afraid, or nearly new, and from a proper dealer with a good reputation to protect.’
    • ‘And I'm afraid that the new leader simply doesn't have the charisma to carry it off.’
    • ‘But all is not what it seems I'm afraid and she now feels she may have made the move in haste.’
    • ‘You always want more, of course, because it's a numbers game, I'm afraid to say.’
    • ‘And I'm afraid that from now on I shall have to turn my hand at the removal of unwanted comments.’
    • ‘I've never read the book, I'm afraid to say and didn't understand this question at first.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it's nothing as sensible and well thought out as that I'm afraid.’
    • ‘Another quiet month I'm afraid, which means too much time spent on here.’
    • ‘Unfortunate timing, I'm afraid, in that it happened to be my wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘One or two of the author's accounts are not very interesting at all, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘With the amount of money that is being spent on them, this is entirely possible, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘After having surgery on a knee injury, I'm afraid to say that's my season over with.’
    • ‘It's back to lining up to see your diabetic specialist on a regular basis, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘Those who advocate other methods are again showing their ignorance, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘The other players, I'm afraid to say, are a modest team who have absolutely no chance of winning the World Cup.’
    sorry, sad, distressed, regretful, apologetic, unhappy, remorseful, rueful