Definition of I can tell you in English:

I can tell you


(also I tell you)
  • Used to emphasize a statement.

    ‘that took me by surprise, I can tell you!’
    • ‘Can I tell you, though, what else we saw were people who were on the verge of dying.’
    • ‘Now, I tell you, does this not sound like a movie that is well worth seeing?’
    • ‘Although I tell you, I am so very much not at my swiftest after I've been asleep for a couple of hours.’
    • ‘You rarely, if ever, get to know the name of the grandmother on either side - male chauvinism, I tell you.’
    • ‘I wouldn't drink that the whole night, I tell you - it's going to give you a headache!’
    • ‘I danced with this young girl and, I tell you, she had more attitude than Naomi.’
    • ‘I spend a lot of time chasing people for information, and it hurts, I tell you.’
    • ‘So we went out, and I tell you, this boy looked at his watch the whole time.’
    • ‘Maybe it's just the first signs of drought, but it's all very unnatural, I tell you.’
    • ‘Now I deliberately do the opposite and I tell you, it can be a very uncomfortable thing to do.’
    assure, promise, give someone one's word, swear, guarantee