Definition of I say in English:

I say


  • 1Used to offer a suggestion or opinion.

    ‘I say we go back down together’
    • ‘I say it's nothing more than desperate attempts for votes this election year season.’
    • ‘Some of you sales folks out there will probably swear up and down that this works, but I say it doesn't.’
    • ‘I say it doesn't matter what type of voting apparatus is used here or in any other state.’
    • ‘I say she is being silly and is only complaining because she did not really want to come to Bath in the first place.’
    • ‘I say we begin with what we know are the positive purposes of the day.’
    • ‘I say we made some real blunders.’
    • ‘I say we split up and somebody stays here with the sick one and somebody comes with me to the bank.’
  • 2British dated Used to express surprise or to draw attention to a remark.

    ‘I say, that's a bit much!’