Definition of I shouldn't wonder in English:

I shouldn't wonder

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  • I think it likely.

    • ‘more than once, I shouldn't wonder’
    • ‘Just sign up as a professional after-dinner speaker and people will listen in wonderment to how you almost made a success out of such a damned silly idea - seven and half thousand pounds a time I shouldn't wonder, and maybe more.’
    • ‘Probably East German or Slavic, I shouldn't wonder.’
    • ‘Jon was more than happy with losing the match to get us out of there, so we left - or rather the group left, dragging me with it - muttering to myself, I shouldn't wonder.’
    • ‘All you've been saying is quite right, I shouldn't wonder.’
    • ‘Closed his eyes and thought of woggles, I shouldn't wonder.’
    • ‘Central tenet of his being, and the book I shouldn't wonder.’
    • ‘Backhanders from the publishers, I shouldn't wonder, judging by the sycophantic drivel they've written.’
    • ‘She'll have died by the time I get back, I shouldn't wonder, but I need to bring a Chemist to try to heal her wounds.’
    • ‘Sound carries along way around here too, I shouldn't wonder… It is very still today, but I must say, the eyes of your handyman are something I do surely miss.’