Definition of iamb in English:



  • A metrical foot consisting of one short (or unstressed) syllable followed by one long (or stressed) syllable.

    ‘Thus in the last stanza quoted, after the surge of anapaests in the first two lines, spondees, dactyls, and iambs begin to appear.’
    • ‘So I know if the language has iambs or trochees, right from the start.’
    • ‘Looking first for iambs seemed an excellent centring and calming technique.’
    • ‘Jim found that he had a talent for thinking in iambs, for coming up with rhymes.’
    • ‘What good do you do anyone by writing verses, getting cash for silly slanders, peddling iambs as a huckster peddles trash?’



/ˈīˌam(b)/ /ˈaɪˌæm(b)/