Definition of ibogaine in English:



  • A hallucinogenic compound derived from the roots of a West African shrub, sometimes used as a treatment for heroin or cocaine addiction.

    The shrub is Tabernanthe iboga, family Apocynaceae

    ‘Around the 30 minute mark on the nose, we veer off into ibogaine as addiction cure.’
    • ‘The compound - the alkaloid ibogaine - is a known natural hallucinogen but has been used experimentally in treating addiction to drugs such as heroin.’
    • ‘The conference featured speakers on topics ranging from ibogaine to harm reduction in the state of California.’
    • ‘Here is an article in which Burroughs’ esteem for ibogaine as an addiction-breaker is noted.’



/iˈbōɡəˌēn/ /ɪˈboʊɡəˌin/


From a blend of iboga (local name for the compound) and cocaine.