Definition of Icarian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Icarus, especially in being excessively ambitious.

    ‘an Icarian mentality that could only lead to a crash and burn’
    • ‘Poetry's escape, its excess, follows an Icarian path: it drives upwards in a transgressive trajectory only to reach its limits and fall.’
    • ‘It is a classic example of our Icarian conceit: the belief that with our resource-depleting technology we can improve on Nature.’
    • ‘In another story, Ursula is punished with an Icarian death, a fall into the sea.’
    • ‘The stock followed the Icarian arc of so many of its dotcom peers.’
    • ‘Their talents and fame offered both true Icarian tragedy and final proof that money can't buy love.’



/īˈkerēən/ /aɪˈkɛriən/