Definition of ice axe in English:

ice axe


(also ice ax)
  • An axe used by climbers for cutting footholds in ice, having a head with one pointed and one flattened end, and a spike at the foot.

    ‘By stepping down hard I actually made a stable foothold, and then used my ice axe to probe the next foothold.’
    • ‘But, despite traversing steep alpine regions, he did not pack crampons, an ice axe or an emergency distress beacon.’
    • ‘In the depths of winter, I also need an ice axe and crampons and food and water in case of emergencies.’
    • ‘Jones said hikers should wear crampons, and carry ski poles and an ice axe when heading into the backcountry.’
    • ‘The way the studs work is based on the same principle as an ice axe.’
    • ‘This is where you get the stuff Kafka called ‘an ice axe for the frozen sea within.’’
    • ‘On their way down from the summit, traversing along the north ridge, Simpson was descending a ice cliff when his ice axe slipped.’
    • ‘At the bottom of this chute, using his ice axe, he leapt a moat where the glacier had melted back from the rock.’
    • ‘I like getting on top of hills, too, although I don't get my ice axe out much.’
    • ‘A similar fate nearly befell Mr Hunt who showed quick reactions to stick his ice axe into the ground and hung for several minutes.’
    • ‘A short traverse led to the foot of the cornice and I managed to ease my way across to it, virtually hanging from my ice axe.’
    • ‘The 650-foot gully was so steep it required ice axes, crampons, ropes, and belays to ascend it.’
    • ‘The group threaded its way up treacherous couloirs and 50-degree snow slopes, cutting steps with ice axes.’
    • ‘But the real clue to their previous port of call was the cramp-ons, ice axes and ropes dangling from their rucksacks.’
    • ‘We need crampons and ice axes for the climb, but only use our rope to exit the top notch of the couloir.’
    • ‘Don't touch metallic objects like ice axes, crampons, tent poles, or jewelry.’
    • ‘But he got into his stride and, 600 feet from the top, the team shed their skis and used ice axes and crampons to complete their climb.’
    • ‘To scale the 35 metres you need climbing boots, crampons, two ice axes, a helmet, a harness, plus a head for heights.’
    • ‘Mountaineer's ice axes come in many shapes and styles and have a large number of patterns.’
    • ‘We down-climbed, belaying one another with our ice axes as anchors.’