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ice blue

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  • A very pale blue color.

    ‘Ghostly pale white, ice blue, and even blood red eyes all gleamed hungrily at me.’
    • ‘Ilantar turned, and drew his long, platinum hair away from his ice-blue eyes with one pale hand, to look upon his comrade.’
    • ‘The two women stared each other down, hazel-brown eyes in a pale face meeting ice blue eyes in a dark one.’
    • ‘His pale, ice blue eyes burn into mine, but there is no hatred this time.’
    • ‘She had ice blue with a splash of dark ocean blue scales and bright orange eyes brighter than the burning sun.’
    • ‘Her eyes were ice blue and frantic and two blue pieces of hair framed her face.’
    • ‘The fairy was about four inches tall and had jet black hair with ice blue eyes and a shimmering white dress with pale blue accents.’
    • ‘As for Lith, I decided that the base of a white dragon's legs would be ice blue.’
    • ‘She had opened her eyes fully grown and spreading her ice blue wings she knelt at the feet of Staris who had created her.’
    • ‘This time, the power she used to craft a spell was ice blue - the power Laise had granted her.’
    • ‘Gothep looked intensely into Jenna's eyes, his own glowing from ice blue to fiery red.’
    • ‘The two Blades clashed violently and energy crackled and snapped through the air when they met, ice blue against fiery red.’
    • ‘Remembering the reason why she woke up, Alex glanced at the bed and was met with fierce ice blue.’
    • ‘Their eyes were ice blue, and were just as cold, and they appeared to have no nose.’
    • ‘In warm months, light colors such as pink, ice blue or peach can help you keep cool.’
    • ‘His eyes were ice blue, and steely, yet full of wisdom and knowledge.’
    • ‘She stared at the muscles that bulged in his arm and that would not relax, and then her eyes drifted to the flaring, ice blue Blade.’
    • ‘Her eyes were ice blue and her hair fell in thick blonde strands with a small braid on the side.’
    • ‘Joel pressed himself against the wall, his gaze never leaving those ice blue glares.’
    • ‘Ryu let out a scream as the dragon opened its throat and unleashed a blast of ice blue flames.’


ice blue

/ˌīs ˈblo͞o/ /ˌaɪs ˈblu/