Definition of ice chest in English:

ice chest


  • A chilled box for keeping something cold, especially food and beverages.

    ‘Oil lamps served as lights, and our ice chest held cold drinks and such.’
    • ‘Keep the meat well chilled in an ice chest until ready to serve or grill.’
    • ‘He reached into the ice chest and pulled out a bottle of vodka.’
    • ‘Very few homes had a refrigerator, but some had an ice chest.’
    • ‘We pulled in to the lot about 11: 20, and I opened the ice chest.’
    • ‘The ingredients can go in an ice chest in your trunk.’
    • ‘They keep an ice chest filled with soft drinks and beer.’
    • ‘Dr. Stoly Michavcezek sat in Lenny's living room, an ice chest on his lap.’
    • ‘In the back we kept an ice chest filled of bottled water and soda.’
    • ‘They began to cling to the stick, refusing to drop into the ice chest.’
    • ‘An old ice chest sat in between the two with candles, flashlights, and a battery-run clock on top of it.’
    • ‘I recommend using a wheelchair and an ice chest, but any bizarre combination of objects will do.’
    • ‘Many fine throws of finely woven and dyed linen and cotton were strewn about with an ice chest for chilled wine.’
    • ‘The vials were then cooled in a portable ice chest until the bees appeared unable to fly but were still walking.’
    • ‘Our solution for that problem was to keep an ice chest of goodies our room.’
    • ‘Sasha and Connie came into the room lugging an ice chest of soda just as the doorbell was ringing.’
    • ‘He was just then arriving at the pond with a small ice chest looking very hung over.’
    • ‘You can also store them in a large plastic foam ice chest in the garage, well buried in damp sand.’
    • ‘Next to that is a glass topped ice chest with the Sushi items - prawn and salmon.’
    • ‘Our SUV was filled to the top with supplies - ice chests, food, sleeping gear.’


ice chest

/ˈīs ˌCHest/ /ˈaɪs ˌtʃɛst/