Definition of ice cream cone in English:

ice cream cone


  • 1A cone-shaped wafer filled with ice cream.

    ‘spectators drank lemonade and licked ice cream cones’
    • ‘Dinah took the ice cream cone Noah handed to her, catching a trickle of melting vanilla with her tongue.’
    • ‘He buys her a cinnamon bun and an ice cream cone.’
    • ‘They were sharing an ice cream cone a few feet away from her.’
    • ‘Remember the good ol' days of licking an ice cream cone while slowly swinging on a swing during the summer?’
    • ‘I discreetly threw my unfinished ice cream cone away as we walked off the pier.’
    • ‘It's like a child having an ice cream cone after scraping his knee; it doesn't make a huge difference, but it satisfies for the moment.’
    • ‘Afterward they stop for ice cream cones, but Timmy discovers he has no money.’
    • ‘Go for a walk in the park and slowly lick an ice cream cone together.’
    • ‘If presented with a vanilla ice cream cone, I'd eat it, sure - but I'd just as soon have a dish of orange sherbet.’
    • ‘"I remember getting these huge ice cream cones and watching practice from the bench with ice cream dripping all over me," he said.’
    1. 1.1A cone-shaped wafer used to serve ice cream.
      ‘she went to the supermarket and bought a large package of ice cream cones’
      • ‘Inclusions range from cookie crumbs, chocolate chips and nut pieces to pieces of ice cream cone.’
      • ‘Trees are sheared to the shape of an inverted ice cream cone with a wide base and a uniform taper to the tip of the tree.’
      • ‘The kitchen was a bigger disaster with trash coating the floor and the cabinet lined with bowls of cereal rotting in milk, stale ice cream cones, and more.’
      • ‘Eat the ice cream directly from the bowl, or scoop out into a serving dish or ice cream cone.’
      • ‘Instead of making the traditional cake or cupcake, give your child a treat they'll never forget, birthday cake cupcakes cooked into an ice cream cone!’
      • ‘Scoop vanilla ice cream and coffee ice cream into an ice cream cone.’
      • ‘Strawberry ice cream in an ice cream cone.’
      • ‘Gelato may be served in an ice cream cone or a cup.’
      • ‘It was not pleasant to chew on the soggy pieces of ice cream cone.’
      • ‘What you've got here is caramel ice cream with a caramel swirl and chocolate-covered pieces of ice cream cone.’