Definition of ice cream truck in English:

ice cream truck


North American
  • A commercial vehicle from which ice cream is sold, typically at the roadside.

    ‘I could hear the music from the ice cream truck coming down our street’
    • ‘The sun is shining, the air conditioner's blaring, the ice cream truck's making the rounds.’
    • ‘Ice cream trucks are vital to anyone's childhood.’
    • ‘Everyone smiles when he drives past, like children laughing when the ice cream truck comes down the street.’
    • ‘I lived out in the country so there was nary an ice cream truck in sight.’
    • ‘Edworthy Park can get busy during the summer but you can't beat the river view or ice cream trucks that set up shop nearby.’
    • ‘One of the happiest sounds of my childhood summers was the jingling strain of the ice cream truck, faint and far off at first, then getting louder and nearer.’
    • ‘Ice cream trucks travel at very slow speeds and make frequent stops.’
    • ‘They heard the Mr. Softee ice cream truck a block away and Stephen realized he was late.’
    • ‘We rarely stop the ice cream truck because we buy Good Humor assorted novelty ice cream in bulk at Costco.’
    • ‘I heard an ice cream truck drive by the other day and of course, I had this instant impulse to run for my change purse.’