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ice pick

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  • A sharp, straight, pointed implement with a handle, used to break ice into small pieces for chilling food and drinks.

    ‘Get Mom to use an ice pick or other sharp object to puncture the fabric at the screw holes, and re-attach lid to chest.’
    • ‘An awl, ice pick or other sharp pointed object works well to remove either type of retainer.’
    • ‘I found a chopper in his right front pocket and an ice pick in another pocket of his pants.’
    • ‘And then Nurse Rached approached me with a needle the size of an ice pick, evil grin on her pinched face.’
    • ‘I guarantee that I can ‘nick’ your granite with a variety of household items, including an ice pick.’
    • ‘Using an ice pick or a pin-point punch awl, gently poke holes through the stencil and into the pumpkin.’
    • ‘In this procedure, the frontal lobe of the brain was surgically destroyed with a tool like an ice pick.’
    • ‘It was like something was picking at her brain with an ice pick.’


ice pick

/ˈīs ˌpik/ /ˈaɪs ˌpɪk/