Definition of ice skating in English:

ice skating

Pronunciation /ˈīs ˌskādiNG/ /ˈaɪs ˌskeɪdɪŋ/

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  • Skating on ice as a sport or pastime. Ice skating became a recognized sport in 1876. Skaters are marked for technical and artistic excellence in performing a series of prescribed patterns and free skating (figure skating) or a choreographed series of dance moves (ice dancing).

    ‘Many people enjoy winter sports such as ice skating and skiing.’
    • ‘Skiing is Austria's leading winter sport, followed by ice skating and tobogganing.’
    • ‘Winter sports include Nordic and cross-country skiing, ice skating, and ice hockey.’
    • ‘As in ice skating, women's gymnastics has a component of showmanship in it.’
    • ‘So does dancing, ice skating, snow ball throwing, and skiing/snowboarding.’
    • ‘Her schedule was filled with dance, ice skating, piano lessons, swim team and soccer.’
    • ‘I just saw ice skating as a way to refine my technique and become a better inline skater.’
    • ‘In addition to cross county skiing, winter activities include dogsledding, ice skating and tobogganing.’
    • ‘Often would miss his first class from fifth through seventh grade because of morning ice skating practices that ran long.’
    • ‘Advice on being a ‘muscle mermaid’, the thrills of ice skating in summer and where cheerleading sits in society, are just for starters.’
    • ‘When I was in Brisbane recently I decided I wanted to go ice skating with Steven Bradbury.’
    • ‘Katie Brown has moved to a private school on the East Coast to improve her ice skating.’
    • ‘A Match Of The Day regular, he also commentates on ice skating, ice hockey and badminton.’
    • ‘OCD is also planning a number of activities next term, including bowling, ice skating and tobogganing.’
    • ‘From the fast-paced danger of downhill skiing to more graceful ice skating, the games are already an action-packed pageant.’
    • ‘We ride bikes, we go play tennis together, and in the winter we go ice skating.’
    • ‘There are tobogganing, cleared walks, ice skating, indoor tennis and sleigh rides nearby, if they fancy a break from the slopes.’
    • ‘A larger, more substantial pond is being built south of Olson Memorial and will offer ice skating in winter.’
    • ‘We could also have a fish pond for aquaculture, fishing, swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter.’
    • ‘The passport covers gyms, classes, swimming, ice skating, athletics track, climbing wall and more.’