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iceberg lettuce

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  • A lettuce of a variety having a dense round head of crisp pale leaves.

    ‘It's easy to mock Delia, for she's crisp as an iceberg lettuce, prim as a poached egg.’
    • ‘My dad was definitely an iceberg lettuce and cherry tomato kind of guy.’
    • ‘In fact, it is now cheaper to import broccoli and iceberg lettuce than locally-grown cauliflower or lettuce.’
    • ‘The green salad bordered on a non-event thanks to the iceberg lettuce, but the orange-tinged dressing had a nice sesame scent to it.’
    • ‘Banish iceberg lettuce from your sandwiches and salads; it has about as much nutritional value as it has taste.’
    • ‘I can't get enough of these hot, spicy little patties, which I like to stuff between soft bread rolls or, better still, into crisp curls of iceberg lettuce.’
    • ‘If your idea of salad is a few leaves of iceberg lettuce in an ocean of Thousand Island dressing, it's time for a change.’
    • ‘The bed of leaves was chopped iceberg lettuce, but ‘leaves’ makes you feel like you really are eating something exotic.’
    • ‘We all know the disdain with which we view pale and insipid iceberg lettuce.’
    • ‘The rice was flavoured with tomato and spices and the salad was of crisp iceberg lettuce lightly drizzled with a mustard dressing.’
    • ‘For a change from the basic iceberg lettuce salad, why not combine two or three greens for variety in taste and texture.’
    • ‘The Greek Mac consists of two burgers wrapped in a pita with yogurt sauce, tomato slices, iceberg lettuce and onions.’
    • ‘Salads of pre-package iceberg lettuce doused with Seven Seas red wine vinaigrette round out my Proustian recollections.’
    • ‘As for protein, consider bean salads such as black beans tossed in fresh salsa and wrapped in large iceberg lettuce leaves.’
    • ‘Bring on the day when undressed iceberg lettuce with cucumber and grated carrot are consigned to the dustbin.’
    • ‘What makes me really sad is that one leaf of kale packs more nutrition than the heaping bowl of iceberg lettuce it surrounds.’
    • ‘We just like iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing.’
    • ‘A salad is no longer simply a side dish - an uninspiring bowl of iceberg lettuce slathered with bottled dressing.’
    • ‘The chef's salad was mostly iceberg lettuce - depressing in the winter, but a cooling crunch in the summer - with a zingy vinaigrette.’
    • ‘‘They're pumping water for growing iceberg lettuce in the desert,’ exclaims Galvin.’


iceberg lettuce

/ˈīsˌbərɡ ˈledəs/ /ˈaɪsˌbərɡ ˈlɛdəs/