Definition of icefall in English:



  • 1A steep part of a glacier that looks like a frozen waterfall.

    ‘The glaciers, the icefalls, the three summits - we can see none of it.’
    • ‘For us a serac is a big block or pinnacle of ice sticking up in the middle of the feature of a glacier called an icefall.’
    • ‘Check out that smooth sunrise turning all the pointy peaks and deadly icefalls a soft, deceiving pink.’
    • ‘For all we knew it could well have carried on getting steeper, ending at an icefall or in a crevasse field.’
    • ‘As we negotiated our way through icefalls and crevasse fields, I experienced feelings of awe and wonder instead of terror and dread.’
    • ‘Crackling clouds of ice obscured the floor and vast red-gold icefalls blocked the only exit.’
    • ‘And the following day they are base camp bound, which also means the last trip down through the icefall.’
    • ‘But Kato was undeterred even though the French expedition declared the icefall destroyed and unusable.’
    • ‘We are all looking forward to going into the base of the icefall tomorrow to try our luck on the crevasse ladders.’
    • ‘These are some of the thoughts running thru our heads as we headed up into the actual icefall today.’
    • ‘One swing and one screw at a time we slowly made our way up the bottom icefall.’
    • ‘Instead of powdery slopes, we'd be attempting sheer icefalls on the weather-whipped southwest face.’
    • ‘From the northeast, toward China, the icefall from Teram Shehr cuts a broad swath across the east side of the Siachen.’
    • ‘For the reward will be a classic view of Everest and the Khumbu icefall.’
    • ‘Just as Kato's team was making probing forays over the icefall successive avalanches forced a French expedition to switch its climbing route.’
  • 2A fall of loose ice; an avalanche of ice.

    ‘This is usually attributed to objective dangers - unpredictable acts of God, such as avalanches, icefalls, rockfall, and horrid weather.’
    • ‘Dozens of icefalls (ice avalanches) now occur per day all around us.’
    • ‘Just as long as you don't forget that, in the end, it's not lightning or rapids, avalanches or equipment, rockslides or icefalls that are going to get you.’
    • ‘So, we've been pretty much surrounded by quadraphonic icefall throughout the course of the night.’



/ˈīsˌfôl/ /ˈaɪsˌfɔl/