Definition of ichor in English:



mass noun
  • 1Greek Mythology
    The fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods.

    ‘They don't have blood in their veins, they have ichor which runs in their veins, which is obviously some kind of immortal fluid.’
    ‘His eyes glazed over and he crumpled in the chair like a God robbed of ichor.’
    gore, lifeblood, vital fluid
  • 2archaic A watery discharge from a wound.

    • ‘Unable to even screech before the veil of death fell upon her, Solokar perished instantly, rivulets of green ichor spraying from her wounds.’
    • ‘Immediately, clear ichor began to pour from the wound.’
    • ‘Gun shots split ghouls' heads completely in half in a splatter of black gore and ichor.’
    • ‘Blood from the griffon spattered Jag's front, ichor from Ragarol dripped down his back.’
    • ‘Yellow ichor, more like molten metal than blood, sprayed out with the blow as the Knight brought the sword round for another slash into the beast's leg.’


Mid 17th century from Greek ikhōr.