Definition of ichthyic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈikTHēik/ /ˈɪkθiɪk/


  • Fishlike.

    ‘They already have no ichthyic fauna of their own, and they are relatively isolated, with no rivers to flow into or out of them, whence fish could escape.’
    • ‘The aim of this study was to assess the absorption of ichthyic origin after oral administration to 20 healthy male volunteers.’
    • ‘Netdish has developed an innovative telematic system for data management and transmission between fishing vessels and ichthyic markets.’
    • ‘The ichthyic fauna of the Italian freshwaters is particularly rich in species, distributed throughout the territory in relation to their capacity of adaptation to diverse environmental conditions.’
    • ‘High anthropogenic pressures on marine ecosystems have resulted in decreased amounts of commercial fish species and total ichthyic fauna.’


Mid 19th century from Greek ikhthuïkos ‘fishy’, from ikhthus ‘fish’.