Definition of ichthyosis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌikTHēˈōsəs/ /ˌɪkθiˈoʊsəs/


  • A congenital skin condition that causes the epidermis to become dry and rough like fish scales.

    ‘Severe dry skin is a feature of certain genetic diseases such as atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis (fish scale-like skin).’
    • ‘Most healthcare professionals know about Arthritis Care and the Alzheimer's Disease Society, but do you know where to find support groups for people with Kawasaki disease, ichthyosis, or acne?’
    • ‘The differential diagnosis includes venous stasis dermatitis, pretibial myxedema, filariasis, and ichthyosis.’
    • ‘Specific manifestations include papules, plaques, lupus pernio, scar sarcoidosis, and rare morphologies such as alopecia, ulcers, hypopigmented patches, and ichthyosis.’
    • ‘More serious dry skin conditions, such as the inherited group of disorders called ichthyosis, can sometimes be disfiguring and may cause psychological distress to people living with them.’