Definition of iconoclastic in English:


Pronunciation /īˌkänəˈklastik/ /aɪˌkɑnəˈklæstɪk/

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  • Characterized by attack on cherished beliefs or institutions.

    ‘a fresh, even an iconoclastic, influence could work wonders’
    • ‘Again, like today's, its doings were chronicled by an irreverent, iconoclastic press eager for celebrity gossip and social scandal.’
    • ‘Once irreverent and perhaps even iconoclastic, these shows relied too heavily on his reputation and weakening force of personality.’
    • ‘For twenty years he was a star performer at the Cambridge history podium - theatrical, witty, irreverent, iconoclastic.’
    • ‘His criticisms are never iconoclastic and his sympathy never sycophantic.’
    • ‘It may belong in its iconoclastic period, the Sixties, but its subversive attack on state institutions rings as true as ever in our era of spin.’
    critical, sceptical, questioning
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