Definition of iconological in English:



See iconology

  • ‘They have been chosen for iconological rather than aesthetic reasons.’
  • ‘In the Grand Inquisitor's iconological alchemy, three questions dissolve into three obraza (that is, ‘images’ or ‘icons’), and yet the revelation bursting forth from within these images is contradiction.’
  • ‘Yet while substantial evaluation of the iconological approach makes up Chapter Two, it is only as a curious sort of postscript that Burke presents a variety of recent theoretical avenues available to historians.’
  • ‘Although Panofsky did not dwell further on the idea of pseudomorphosis, his practical iconological readings can be understood as demonstrations of the ‘unwilling’ and incomplete character of the early modern artwork.’
  • ‘Thus, paintings like Melancholia, in which Kiefer mines Durer's famous allegory for iconological material, indicate a habit of remembering that is doomed to obsessive repetition, rather than therapeutic redemption.’