Definition of icy-cold in English:



  • Very cold.

    ‘it was an icy-cold January morning’
    • ‘I suddenly felt his warm, steady hands over my icy-cold ones.’
    • ‘I found myself submerged in icy-cold darkness, unable to get my head above water.’
    • ‘A permanent layer of icy-cold (4 degrees C) water 83 meters below the surface of Lake Ontario provides naturally cold water.’
    • ‘Cold dishes such as fresh fruit should be placed in containers of ice that hold the serving bowl securely but keep its contents icy-cold.’
    • ‘"Below Chris's warm, humble exterior is an icy-cold competitive person who keeps a close eye on how we're doing compared to others," says Main.’
    • ‘All our fresh produce had to come from Suez and Ahmed was used to seeing me plunge all the leafy vegetables into icy-cold water before drying them and storing in the fridge.’
    • ‘I swallowed the icy-cold mouthful hurriedly, wincing when it scorched a path down my throat and settled uncomfortably in my stomach.’
    • ‘This means that icy-cold water is less dense, so tends to move upwards.’
    • ‘Then we'd knock off, go back to camp and have a nice little swim in the icy-cold river, because there was no hot water systems or anything else.’