Definition of idée reçue in English:

idée reçue

Pronunciation /ēˌdā rəˈso͞o/ /iˌdeɪ rəˈsu/

nounidées reçues

  • A generally accepted concept or idea.

    ‘The Dutch periodical OnzeTaal linked to the NYT article and also to my earlier post on the topic - maybe the internet culture can start to keep these small thoughtless quantitative ‘idées reçues’ in check.’
    • ‘This approach allows her to confront idées reçues; to challenge the predictable ‘order of things.’’
    • ‘The analogy is an idée reçue by now, but the article is full of interesting history.’
    • ‘Every sacred idée reçue of the cold war… is methodically raked over with a barrage of satire.’
    • ‘But maybe it's just a sort of translingual ‘idée reçue’.’
    • ‘There are two widespread views - one could call them idées reçues, in the Flaubertian sense - on the impact of photography.’


French, literally ‘received idea’.