Definition of identically in English:



  • 1In exactly the same way.

    ‘the two men were dressed identically in black’
    ‘identically shaped sculptures’
    • ‘In all tests the three systems performed almost identically.’
    • ‘It can be discriminatory to treat two people identically.’
    • ‘The two men were dressed identically in black.’
    • ‘The kitchens are laid out identically.’
    • ‘Our apartments are identically furnished.’
    • ‘Despite the design differences, these cooling systems perform almost identically under similar test conditions.’
    • ‘Many of the enemies behave identically.’
    • ‘The waiting staff were all dressed identically.’
    • ‘All the membranes were treated identically for the entire procedure.’
    • ‘I've always been amused by the contrast between the two identically named cities that border this river.’
  • 2Logic Mathematics
    In the manner of an identity; for all values.

    ‘the z-coordinate is identically zero’
    • ‘Every position is known in advance to be identically false, and can be rejected outright.’
    • ‘We assume that the error terms are distributed normally, identically, and independently.’
    • ‘In particular, it is assumed that the errors are independent and identically distributed with zero mean and common variance.’
    • ‘The first moment is identically zero.’
    • ‘These models will have all residuals identically zero.’