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Pronunciation /īˌden(t)əˈfīəb(ə)l/ /aɪˌdɛn(t)əˈfaɪəb(ə)l/ /īˈden(t)əˌfīəb(ə)l/ /aɪˈdɛn(t)əˌfaɪəb(ə)l/

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  • Able to be recognized; distinguishable.

    ‘there are no easily identifiable features on the shoreline’
    • ‘Next to the lute is an open hymn book, identifiable as the work of the great religious reformer Martin Luther.’
    • ‘Most interviewees made little distinction between identifiable and anonymised data.’
    • ‘Does this question not promote or seed hatred against an identifiable group?’
    • ‘Supporters of ID cards will say there is nothing wrong in helping the police by being so readily identifiable.’
    • ‘The campaign aims to trap thieves by making the phones instantly identifiable if they are stolen and later recovered.’
    distinguishable, recognizable, known, noticeable, perceptible, discernible, appreciable, detectable, observable, perceivable, visible, notable, measurable
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