Definition of ideograph in English:


Pronunciation /ˈidēəˌɡraf/ /ˈɪdiəˌɡræf/ /ˈīdēəˌɡraf/ /ˈaɪdiəˌɡræf/


another term for ideogram
‘Then ten years of school for learning the first thousand Chinese kanji ideographs, with thousands more to go.’
  • ‘Later to create more words, symbols were added to pictographs to form ideographs.’
  • ‘In Afrikan Alphabets, the author introduces a number of ideographs, pictographs and scripts devised and designed by Africans to express and represent a voice sound, a word, or an idea.’
  • ‘Some pictographs were used as ideographs because they have different semantic meanings.’
  • ‘The Bronze Age engravings in this region are symbolic pictograms, without any attempt at realism; there is also no indication that they should be evaluated as hieroglyphs or ideographs.’


Mid 19th century from Greek idea ‘form’+ -graph.