Definition of ideologue in English:


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  • An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.

    ‘he doesn't consider himself a political ideologue, preferring to arrive at conclusions pragmatically’
    • ‘It's time to lay down the law to the extremist uncompromising ideologues.’
    • ‘There has always been a group among the ideologues that believed in a first strike and a winnable nuclear war.’
    • ‘He is not an ideologue, either nationalist or religious.’
    • ‘A good literary critic is not a political ideologue or policy wonk.’
    • ‘In the beginning, administration ideologues were convinced we'd be welcomed with flowers.’
    • ‘The editor was not an uncompromising ideologue attempting to turn back the clock.’
    • ‘He provides a forensic analysis of US foreign policy through the speeches and texts of its own ideologues.’
    • ‘I am far more of an ideologue than a partisan, and rarely hesitate to criticize bad politicians or bad policies, regardless of which party they come from.’



/ˈīdēəˌlôɡ/ /ˈaɪdiəˌlɔɡ/ /ˈidēəˌlôɡ/ /ˈɪdiəˌlɔɡ/


Early 19th century from French idéologue; see also ideology.