Definition of idiophone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈidēəˌfōn/ /ˈɪdiəˌfoʊn/


  • An instrument the whole of which vibrates to produce a sound when struck, shaken, or scraped, such as a bell, gong, or rattle.

    ‘In organology, percussion instruments are divided into membranophones (those on which sound is produced by a vibrating membrane) and idiophones (instruments of hard, solid material, e.g. cymbals and xylophones).’
    • ‘The bones are one of several types of clappers, all of which are concussion idiophones and are classified as percussion musical instruments.’
    • ‘Thus the kora and balo are played exclusively by male jeli, and karinya, an idiophone, is played only by jelimuso (female bards).’
    • ‘A stamped or stamping idiophone is determined by the source of the sound of the two instruments.’
    • ‘Only one iron idiophone was used in the original tambú ensembles in previous centuries.’