Definition of idolatrous in English:


Pronunciation /īˈdälətrəs/ /aɪˈdɑlətrəs/

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  • 1Worshiping idols.

    • ‘the idolatrous peasantry’
    idol-worshipping, icon-worshipping, fetishistic
    idolizing, fetishistic
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    1. 1.1Treating someone or something as an idol.
      ‘America's idolatrous worship of the auto’
      • ‘This fascination brings him to the IBM factory in Poughkeepsie, where he is struck above all by the spooky, almost idolatrous worship of the company's president, Thomas Watson Jr.’
      • ‘Will Herberg argued that American civil religion essentially was idolatrous worship of itself, merely propagating an ethnocentric American way of life around the world.’
      • ‘So long as business is held to have a commercial interest in behaving morally and responsibly by putting more ‘feminine’ titles on sale, the market will continue to be the subject of idolatrous worship.’
      • ‘Well, he's a friend of the band, or more likely a desperate, Tweedy-worshipping hanger-on, which is obvious from the movie's idolatrous tone.’
      • ‘Certain people, particularly those who have an almost idolatrous view of human reason, will reject this concept outright.’
      • ‘The son's room, then, may remain just that: an earthly shrine to an idolatrous attachment.’
      • ‘Particularly in this society, where consumption drives the economic system and where economic values shape even family and church decision-making, the idolatrous dimension of mammon is both ubiquitous and subtle.’
      • ‘While the parallels between the traditional lover-poet and this artist identify Pygmalion as the consummate Petrarchan, the Pygmalion text also exhibits an anxiety over producing idolatrous art.’
      • ‘On the other hand, while the characters may indeed be idolatrous, money-grubbing boors, the Americanisms they use in their speech suggest that these are values they picked up right here in the United States.’
      • ‘Utilitarian memorials, in Johnson's mind, were in vogue because they would guard against the great sin of traditional - that is, idle and idolatrous - memorials.’
      • ‘It was also, I now realize, a matter of ‘training,’ of that blithe and idolatrous homage we pay to credentials, whether or not they are pertinent to the task at hand.’
      • ‘And because we too are tempted, sometimes we unfortunately offer idolatrous sports fans nothing but another form of idolatry when we scold in the name of Christianity.’
      • ‘But it's also no surprise that he reserves the most lingering, even idolatrous close-ups for himself, engorging the frame with his handsome visage.’
      • ‘When nations intervene, manipulating grief, they offer idolatrous, nationalistic, vengeful substitutions for the grace of God and true community.’
      • ‘Only idolatrous devotion could keep such brilliant minds from acknowledging the irrationality of crediting the blind force of nature with such teleological precision.’
      • ‘Lawyers today are rarely that idolatrous, but most of them salute the customary emblems of American civil religion.’
      • ‘As it has done on four prior occasions, the Senate should shelve this most dangerous and idolatrous assault on our civil and religious liberties.’
      • ‘Folk Songs respected its sources, but it was not idolatrous of them.’
      • ‘Plans and strategies for growth can become idolatrous and result in questionable distortions of the gospel.’
      • ‘It is no accident that the surge in idolatrous reality television you so abhor coincided with this call to propaganda.’