Definition of idolize in English:


(British idolise)

Pronunciation /ˈīdlˌīz/ /ˈaɪdlˌaɪz/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively.

    ‘he idolized his mother’
    • ‘She was a keen music fan who loved pop music and idolised Justin Timberlake.’
    • ‘In fact in the same way that Victoria admires me, he idolizes Morgan, though I don't know why.’
    • ‘He is a sprawling maverick with a gravel-slide voice and bluesy guitar copied by Eric Clapton, idolised by Phil Collins and revered for his gruff love ballads.’
    • ‘Sheridan adored and idolized his big brother, Toews noted.’
    • ‘The calf took food from Papa and me but she clearly idolized Mother as the savior who brought the bottle.’
    • ‘These are helping people to find mates identifying and uniting against enemies venerating or idolising a figure, institution or ideology.’
    • ‘In my early teens my friends and I simply adored and idolised the fabulous 1958 Bolton Wanderers FA Cup winning team, of which Ray was inside left.’
    • ‘Tributes poured in from Republicans who idolized him and Democrats who respected his love of country and his political skills.’
    • ‘I realize that as much as I respect these musicians, I do not idolize them very much in the form of hero worship.’
    • ‘This year's group includes a single mum who loves Beyonce, a rocker who idolises Pink, and a handyman who bears a resemblance to first series runner-up Shannon Noll.’
    • ‘Doug loved watching James Bond movies and idolised the bad guys, always plotting and scheming to become one himself, ‘only successful’ was his idea.’
    • ‘He is one of those players who opposition players and fans love to hate at the same time as he is idolised in his own backyard.’
    • ‘Pre-pubescent boys love her, screaming little girls idolise her, 20 somethings want to be her and old men look at her and wish they were forty years younger.’
    • ‘Oscie's relationship with her mother has shifted from idolizing her to taking care of her.’
    • ‘Jeff, who idolizes his mother, insists on emulating the conservative upbringing of his youth.’
    • ‘She has one annoying but lovable big brother that looks out for her, and a little sister that adores and idolizes her.’
    • ‘Some religions have several Gods, demi-Gods or deities, but they are also idolized or venerated by their followers.’
    • ‘Those had been the years when she idolized her mother, and the Queen Aurora could commit no crime in her daughter's innocent eyes.’
    • ‘She idolises her artist mother, Ingrid, who is as strong and dangerous as she is beautiful.’
    • ‘My mother idolised my father and I know my father loved my mother deeply.’
    hero-worship, worship, revere, venerate, deify, lionize, adulate, adore, stand in awe of, reverence, look up to, admire, exalt, love, dote upon
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