Definition of if and when in English:

if and when


  • At a future time (should it arise)

    ‘if and when the film gets the green light, be sure you've read the book first’
    • ‘I'm sure his name will be touted if and when the opportunity arises.’
    • ‘Naturally, this position would mean leaving London, but we'll talk about that more if and when it arises.’
    • ‘I've been going round the world looking at other things to see what might help me in the future if and when I do come back.’
    • ‘When it was in that state the only function it could conceivably have was to endanger life if and when the occasion arose.’
    • ‘Of course, your client may exercise the rights that are available to him if and when the issue arises.’
    • ‘Fix your mortgage rate for a few years, she said, and deal with that problem later if and when it arises.’
    • ‘The amount of this cover may need to be enlarged if and when the need arises.’
    • ‘Yes, he was the one who was going to decide the question of law if and when it ever arose.’
    • ‘Next time, if and when there is a next time, it'd be a good idea to prepare myself and to have some outings and projects lined up.’
    • ‘He said there had been no settlement - and if and when there was it would probably be confidential.’