Definition of if anything in English:

if anything


  • Used to suggest tentatively that something may be the case (often the opposite of something previously implied)

    ‘I haven't made much of this—if anything, I've played it down’
    • ‘My own experience suggests we are if anything already too generous on this point.’
    • ‘The trend under the previous administration was, if anything, the reverse of this.’
    • ‘We could have some tests to see what, if anything, is wrong, and see if anything can be done to fix it.’
    • ‘Indeed, if anything the worship of nature is probably more intense today than at any time this century.’
    • ‘Mrs Catterson says she should have been alerted as she is the point of contact if anything happens to her mother.’
    • ‘Councillors have agreed to meet with officers to see if anything can be done about the objections raised.’
    • ‘What the play does lack if anything is a sense of balance in that the police's perspective is barely touched on.’
    • ‘School admissions will not be a lottery, if anything the process will be more straightforward.’
    • ‘The onset of Foot of Mouth disease, if anything, fuelled spending in urban shopping malls.’
    • ‘There is simply no need for it and if anything such phrases have now become counter-productive.’