Definition of if I were you in English:

if I were you


  • Used to accompany a piece of advice.

    ‘I would go to see him if I were you’
    • ‘For the rest, I could offer cautionary advice for a rental, but I'd just pass if I were you.’
    • ‘I wouldn't worry too much about that if I were you.’
    • ‘I'm not well versed in topics such as this, and everything I've said may be based on erroneous assumptions, so I wouldn't give it too much credit if I were you.’
    • ‘So if I were you, I'd just leave it alone and keep driving.’
    • ‘I wouldn't take that ‘old-school academics’ remark too seriously if I were you.’
    • ‘I'd write to the editor, if I were you, that's what I'd do.’
    • ‘So, if I were you, tonight I'd sleep with one eye open.’
    • ‘I'd definitely come back tomorrow if I were you.’
    • ‘I think it counts as ‘fair use’, and I wouldn't worry if I were you.’
    • ‘I'd give Herbert a call if I were you, and work something out.’