Definition of if so in English:

if so

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  • If that is the case.

    ‘Do people agree with organizing alphabetically, and if so could they explain it in any meaningful way?’
    • ‘The question invited him to state whether he stood by his statement, and if so, why.’
    • ‘We shall report next week if there is sufficient demand and, if so, when the launch meeting will take place.’
    • ‘I should like to know if it was tangled and, if so, has someone set it free?’
    • ‘They must take hours putting on the faultless make-up and if so, is that built into their working time?’
    • ‘Given that I would be looking to replace it with a similar car, would I be better off keeping it and if so for how long?’
    • ‘I'm wondering if I can claim tax relief on rent paid to a private landlord and if so how I go about doing this?’
    • ‘It should state whether meals are to be provided and, if so, on what basis.’
    • ‘Still, you can never tell if it will get coverage and if so, which aspects or what angle will be put on it.’
    • ‘There must be some truth in it if so many people believe in it strongly enough to do anything for its sake.’