Definition of if you please in English:

if you please

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  • 1Used in polite requests.

    ‘follow me, if you please’
    • ‘And you may follow, if you please, or keep to public streets.’
    • ‘Kindly draw the water while I change my dress, if you please.’
    • ‘I'll take another Martini, now, Sproat, if you please.’
    • ‘And now I have said about as much as I ought to say in this impromptu manner, and if you please, I'll take the music.’
    • ‘I'll thank you to keep your landing strips, your tarmacs, your runways and your taxiing lanes well under sufficient layers of cotton if you please.’
    • ‘Kindly refrain from showing the following movies on Sunday afternoons, in addition to The Craft, if you please.’
    • ‘Argue otherwise if you please, it doesn't matter.’
    if you please, if you wouldn't mind, if you would be so good
  • 2Used to express indignation at something perceived as unreasonable.

    ‘she wants me to make fifty cakes in time for the festival, if you please!’
    • ‘And of course, should Don Brash indicate that he is keen to become the next MP for Tamaki, I should expect Margaret and Tim to withdraw their nominations - gone by lunchtime, if you please…’
    • ‘We must adopt the promised land mindset, if you please.’
    • ‘A large plasma screen on the wall offered excellent TV reception, as well as high-speed Internet access using the wireless keyboard provided… at £5.99 per hour, if you please.’
    • ‘Instead, they farm that sort of stuff out to a separate hygienist, who charges 30 quid a session and ‘recommends’ that I visit her every three months, if you please.’
    • ‘Post-concert champagne and cigars in the Lace Market Hotel, if you please!’
    • ‘No, she uses them as arsenal, weapons of mass distraction, if you please.’
    • ‘And, if you're into Chinese astrology, I'm also a ripsnorting rascal of a rooster or the female version… a hen if you please.’
    • ‘Presumably some of our heroes, such as Mattie Holland, or Maitiú Ó hAoláin if you please, will find it educational too when they read the match programme.’
    • ‘I need to be at least 2 preferably 5 kilometers away now if you please!’
    • ‘So, if you please, don't automatically hate all yuppies.’