Definition of igniter in English:



(also ignitor)
  • 1A device for igniting a fuel mixture in an engine.

    ‘A packet of high-powered rocket engine igniters had allegedly been seized from Mr Roche's home.’
    • ‘The court was told two packets of igniters for fuel pellets for model rockets, found in his flat in Perth, could have been used to set off a truck bomb.’
    • ‘Toward the last quarter of the race, the igniter on the engine started to fail, causing the car to lose power.’
    • ‘This in turn heats the air, turning it into the igniter (diesels don't have igniters such as spark plugs).’
    • ‘You put in in the bottom of the rocket and attach an igniter.’
  • 2A device for causing an electric arc.

    ‘Electric igniters are standard features on gas furnaces and cooking appliances because continuous pilot lights in those fixtures consume gas needlessly.’
    • ‘Glow igniters are a non-returnable and non-refundable electric component.’



/iɡˈnīdər/ /ɪɡˈnaɪdər/