Definition of ignobly in English:


Pronunciation /-blē/


See ignoble

‘Nonetheless, Jenkins underlines his subject's vulnerability well, interspersing nuggets from Lear and Prospero with tag lines from the fish-stick commercials Welles ignobly resorted to in his old age.’
  • ‘April 1 marks their ignobly titled tin anniversary at the Rock, a 10-year innings that makes them one of the country's longest-running radio pairings.’
  • ‘Or maybe I would fall in, ignobly, with the packs of Hollywood runaways I had seen profiled sensationally on television news magazines.’
  • ‘Without assuming that men are intrinsically more likely to behave badly than women, the current state of affairs is that most sport celebrities are men, and most of those who behave ignobly are also men.’
  • ‘This is the disheartening tale of a noble people ignobly led.’