Definition of ileal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈilēəl/ /ˈɪliəl/



See ileum

‘Sections from the ileum showed the polyps to be composed of multiple closely aggregated lymphoid follicles in the lamina propria of the ileal mucosa.’
  • ‘Hydrochloric acid and pepsin secreted by the gastric mucosa cause the adjacent ileal mucosa of the intestine to erode and ulcerate since the normal protective mucosa is missing.’
  • ‘Their mesentery contains ileal arteries and veins, which are also branches of the superior mesenteric artery.’
  • ‘A detailed review of the patient's medical records confirmed a right hemicolectomy for an ileal carcinoid with lymph node and omental metastases that had been performed elsewhere 10 years earlier.’
  • ‘Biopsies of the polyp and random colonic and ileal mucosa were performed.’