Definition of ill-chosen in English:



  • Poorly considered.

    ‘I apologize for my ill-chosen words’
    • ‘the ill-chosen music is overloud and irritating’
    • ‘For the weary urbanite seeking to ease the pain of ill-chosen footwear, a full foot treatment is the way to go.’
    • ‘Do not let ill-chosen words come back to haunt you.’
    • ‘If your reader gets the wrong impression about what your site is about (because of an ill-chosen graphic), you have failed.’
    • ‘She was referring to the government rather than the populace, but the effect was the same and the words were ill-chosen.’
    • ‘But with just two ill-chosen words my mood darkens and an inner gloom descends.’
    • ‘His ball lay just over the notorious road, inches from an old stone wall, the calamitous result of adrenalin and an ill-chosen two iron.’
    • ‘A combination of thin walls, accidents of socio-cultural background and ill-chosen invective has put his career in jeopardy, just as he was in the cusp of setting his international career in stone.’
    • ‘Passes went astray, options were ill-chosen, but Carlow's lesson from the exercise is that forwards must take responsibility.’
    • ‘And Mozart's death, as one respected musical journal wrote, was almost certainly caused not by poison but by "arduous work and fast living among ill-chosen company".’
    • ‘Had she forgiven him for his ill-chosen words so long ago?’